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Starfighter: Infinity
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"Starfighter: Infinity" is a sequel to a game I made many years ago called "Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy", which, out of all the games I've made, had the most passionate fanbase. Sadly that game eventually became too ahrd work to maintain. I was working late into the night trying to protect players from hackers and the game didnt have any real way of earning money to pay for all the time spent. So eventually I had to take the game offline.

Since then, Ive been keen to make a new, bigger, better and more secure version of the game, and while its been a huge project that Ive now been working on for years in-between other things, the enthusiasm from old SF:DG players has driven me on.

Now, I hope to start a kickstarter campaign soon, in order to fund the completion of the game


The general idea of the game is to have some classic top down, space dogfighting action, but combined with some more modern MMO ideas...

You will control your spaceship with the keyboard and will do realtime combat using arrows keys, and controlling the ships primary and secondary weapons.

As you complete missions you will be able to level up and buy new ships and weapons as well as unlocking other areas of the galaxy.

There will also be a strong exploration element to the game. You will be able to go searching through asteroid fields trying to mine precious ores to be crafted into weapons or sold, you will stumble across planets, stars and other things... You will get distress calls from nearby ships, detect anomalies to investigate or get dragged into nearby battles.

Eventually I hope for there to be a strong player lead element to the game, with PvP battles, and player forming their own syndicates and, hopefully, building their own space stations (yet to be confirmed)


For more specific information about the game. Click one of the links below

  • The Team - Who is making the game

  • Database - For information about weapons and ships etc


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Here is some "space ambient" music to get you in the mood. I often listen to this while working on the game...