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If you want to get in touch with me (Ben Olding) then you can email me at: also for more information about the game and my other games, here are some links:

Starfighter: Infinity Facebook page - This is where i post most Starfighter updates including videos, screenshots and musings as and when they seem right
Ben Olding Games Facebook page - please follow this for info about my other games when I make them in future
Twitter - my twitter account - I try to keep this more about game development
Ben Olding Games Website - My main website where you can find my previous games


I can recommend the services of all these excellent, talented and professional people:
Jonathan Thomas - 3D artist - www.jt3d.netPush the Frequency - Music Production/Mastering - Vale - 2D & 3D artist - marcovale.comJJ3D Studio - 3D Printing -

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