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Q. When will this game be released?
A. I'm not sure yet. Its a big project and I have to fit it in between money earning jobs. I hope to do a kickstarter soon to fund it though.

Q. But I keep seeing you wasting time on other games, when you could be making SF:I, you owe it to your fans!
A. SF:DG was not my most popular game by a long shot, warlords, achilles, crunchball were all much more popular, and those have all made some money. I dont want to just work on one game, and I need to make other games in order to be able to earn money to make SF:I. As for my fans, there are many more fans of those other games I mentioned, the starfigther ones are just the most passionate! If I could make another SF game, then I would.

Q. Can I help beta test if/when the time comes?
A. My current plan is to have this as a reward for kickstarter backers, at least to begin with. An early access kind of thing.

Q. Will the game still have hackers?
A. Hackers caused a great deal of hassle in the last game, and were ultimately the reason the game is no longer supported. so hackers are never far from our minds while we are making this, and while we can't promise that there will be no hackers at all, we will certainly have made it much more difficult for them

Q. Will the game be on Kongregate?
A. I don't know at this stage, but I think so

Q. Why did you remove multiplayer from SF:DG?
A. Because the hacker problem was becoming too difficult to deal with, I would be working well into the night trying to repair holes, and damage that had been done. Eventually it got to a point where all the user data was deleted, then after I repaired it, it was deleted again. I was getting loads of complaining and loads of stress. The game wasn't earning any money, so I decided to take away the incentive to cheat by removing multiplayer. I wanted to get rid of it entirely, but as it had badges on kongregate, I decided to keep it up there as a single player game.

Q. Why did you remove SF:DG from kongregate
A, The games database used a service by the webhosts that allowed me to have a share of a database rather than a whole one, for a reasonable cost. The hosts discontinued this service and therefore in order to keep the game going, I would have had to spend hundreds of dollars a month + lots of time altering the game to make it work. I didn't have lots of time & money, so it was impossible

Q. But you could have at least kept the game up as single player?
A. No, its not as easy as that. It would have required lots of time recoding things, and as I mentioned before the game never earned money and I cant spend the time flogging a dead horse.

Q. Can you just send me a single player version?
A. No, I cant spend ages altering an old game just for you. I'm amazed how often I get asked this

Q. Can you send me the source code?
A. No, I don't want to do this, its old code and its a mess by my standards now. I don't believe that anyone who had the code could really do anything good with it anyway.

Q. So will SF:I ever be released? is there any hope?
A. I cant say for sure, but I still hope to get it done sometime. I want to start the game engine again though, technology has moved on since I began this game, as have my skills. As I mentioned, I hope to do that kickstarter, and theres always the chance I will have a hit with one of my other games.


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