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Here are some random screenshots from the game. I will try to add more as I go.

Click on them to view the full size version, and make sure you follow the facebook page for other random images that might not classify as a "screenshot"...

SFIScreenshot001.jpg SFIScreenshot002.jpg SFIScreenshot003.jpg SFIScreenshot004.jpg SFIScreenshot005.jpg SFIScreenshot006.jpg SFIScreenshot007.jpg SFIScreenshot008.jpg SFIScreenshot009.jpg SFIScreenshot010.jpg SFIScreenshot011.jpg SFIScreenshot012.jpg SFIScreenshot013.jpg SFIScreenshot014.jpg SFIScreenshot015.jpg SFIScreenshot016.jpg SFIScreenshot017.jpg SFIScreenshot018.jpg SFIScreenshot019.jpg SFIScreenshot020.jpg SFIScreenshot021.jpg SFIScreenshot022.jpg SFIScreenshot023.jpg SFIScreenshot024.jpg SFIScreenshot025.jpg SFIScreenshot026.png SFIScreenshot027.jpg

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